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  1. Our script is in no way connected to facebook.
  2. Using our services, you agree not to upload copyrighted videos, photos, music.
  3. Using this service, you agree not to copy or distribute materials downloaded using our script. This service is intended solely for personal use, and for educational purposes.
  4. If you are the copyright holder of any of the materials and would like to block the download of your video, write to us, use the feedback form for this, and we will block the download of these videos.
  5. Using our tool is at the user's own risk, and FBdownloader is not responsible for the downloaded video files.
  6. Cannot be used to develop a third-party site, service. Sites that use this service remotely will be blocked by our specialists.
  7. All content of FBdownloader is copyrighted and belongs only to FBdownloader.
  8. FBdownloader service works by protocol CDN. We do not store downloaded videos, all files are on Facebook servers. - is the best tool to quickly download videos from Facebook. There are various formats, HD 720p and 1080p MP4, you can download videos from Facebook for free, online.

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